Provo Tabernacle to Temple

“Provo Tabernacle to Temple—Creation, Destruction, Redemption”

22 x36 oil on board (2016)


This painting tells the history of the Provo Tabernacle/Temple in one image—from its pioneer construction and use, to its tragic burning in 2010, to its redemption into an LDS Temple.  This image, however, tells more than a story of a building.  It represents the story of humanity. There is no way around it, life is not fair.  Since the Fall of Adam and Eve the world’s equity meter has been thrown off-kilter, and is completely broken for some.  In his goodness, however, God sent his Son Jesus Christ to make at-one-ment for his children to bring things into harmony—an offering of rebalancing, restitution, recompense, and restoration. Because of the Savior’s restoring power, whether in this life or the next all mortal burns will be healed, corrected, made right, rebuilt, and restored—yes, with an angel on top.

I finished this painting on the day the Provo City Center Temple was dedicated in March, 2016.  The painting comes framed in a beautiful 3.5” black frame.  Contact me below if you are interested in purchasing this original painting.