Pioneer Girls


“Pioneer Girls”

24 x 26 oil on board (2008)


This painting has been in my possession for a decade but I’m ready to let it go to find a permanent home. It depicts two Latter-day Saint pioneer girls on the prairie, leaning on one another and also the word of God for support.  The books they hold represent the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants–two volumes of holy scripture produced through the Prophet Joseph Smith that motivated over 70,000 people to leave all they knew behind and cross the continent to gather with the saints and settle the Great Basin of Utah.  My own ancestry, both on my paternal and maternal side, were part of this modern day exodus. The strength and support these pioneers drew from one another, and from the word of God, motivated them in their movements, and does the same for Mormons today.

Message me below if you are interested in purchasing this original painting.