Mortal Messiah XXIII

In this series of “Mortal Messiah” paintings I am exploring ideas about mortal Jesus.  The scriptures attest that although he was sinless, Christ became a mortal in every sense of the word. He got tired, he felt pain, he needed to sleep and eat.  He felt joy, sorrow, frustration, exhaustion, loneliness, love, and every other emotion common to the human experience.  Because of his mortal experience, he is not a distant God of sympathy, but an active God of empathy. The colors in these paintings symbolize his wonderful human nature. He is happy like yellow; He is as passionate as the color red; Calm and portrayed in a light grey; feels as deep as eternity in blue. He has shadows and planes to his face, a resurrected body of flesh and blood. He is our Redeemer, our Friend, our Messiah—the Anointed One to save.

“Mortal Messiah XXIII” 5×7 oil on board, 2021


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