Young Jesus IV

In this series of “Young Jesus” paintings I am exploring mortal Jesus as a young adult.  We have images of Jesus as a baby, as a 12 year old in the temple, and as an adult man.  We don’t, however, typically see any imagery of him as a young adult, coming into manhood.  One of the most wonderful ideas to me is that Jesus grew up—that he “increased” in all areas as the scriptures say—and his progress was line upon line until he received a fulness (see D&C 93:13).  He gradually grew into his divinity.  We worship a Savior who understands growth and progression because he experienced it personally. 

The clothing, hairstyle, and look of Young Jesus in this painting is based on mosaics discovered in Roman Judea at the time of Christ, and Roman portraits from that time period.

“Young Jesus IV” 5×7 oil on board, 2020


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