The Holy Invitation


As the temple endowment is given to more people at a younger age, some feel they are underprepared or can’t seem to grasp the meanings of these sacred, summative ordinances. Some enter the temple without ever having taken a temple preparation class. Some receive their endowment with the mentality of crossing off a “to-do” from their mission or marriage checklist. Some want to understand the temple endowment but struggle to find anyone or anything that can give them straightforward, appropriate, in-depth answers as to the purposes and procedures of its ordinances. Sadly, some walk away from the temple bewildered and confused, even hurt, due to the unfamiliar nature of the presentation of the endowment. They want the endowment to be straightforward and plain, like modern church or school classes, when the Lord’s approach in the temple is to use different, higher ways to lift learners to heaven and open their minds to revelation (see Isaiah 55:8–9). Due to their lack of understanding or confusion, sadly, some hesitantly or never return to the house of the Lord. This, simply, should not be.

The aim of this small book is to give a soon-to-be or newly endowed young woman or young man, or perhaps a recently reactivated or newly converted adult, a “big-picture” perspective of the endowment ordinances. This short book explores the temple experience from three different vantage points: the why, drawing upon a fictional metaphor with parallels to the temple; the what, exploring the history of the endowment; and the how, applying the metaphor, Church history, and the endowment to us.

As you go to the temple for the first time, or after you have returned again and again, it is my hope that the content of this book will help you in finding profound meaning in the temple endowment.  Click on the image above to order from Deseret Book.