A Marvelous Work Linocut

This linocut is carved from a linoleum block, inked with an oil based ink, and then hand pressed onto professional grade printmaking paper. Each print carries slight variations from this process. There were 50 prints pulled in this edition of “A Marvelous Work.”

This image represents young Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon text. The plates, the spectacles or “urim and thummim ,” and his hat which some sources say he sometimes placed the stones within are all depicted.  Divine light shines up from the urim and thummim toward Joseph.  The diagonal highlights cast toward the viewer on the table represent heavenly verses spilling outward to bless the world.  The process and words are “a marvelous work” (D&C 4:7, 6:1, 11:1, 12:1, 14:1, 18:44), inspiring millions to “come unto Christ” and “lay hold upon every good gift…and be perfected in him” (Moroni 10:30, 32).  

“I was an active participant in the scenes that transpired, and was present during the translation of the plates, and had cognizance of things as they transpired, it is marvelous to me, ‘a marvel and a wonder,’ as much so as to any one else.”

– Emma Smith, 1879


“A Marvelous Work Linocut” 5×7 image (8×10 paper), 2021


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